Camp Day

We were lucky. After moderate snowfalls on day 1 of the Selafi Camp 2015 we had primo conditions on day 2, so we took photographer Andreas Kocher along to document a typical Die Bergstation camp day. Enjoy.


Typical morning: Markus Neier updating everyone on avalanche situation and weather development while guides Stephan and Simon are paying almost no attention.


Pointing randomly but giving specific instructions.


Birgit H does.

IMG_7928 Groß

Markus showing off his office.

IMG_7717 Groß

Heading towards epicness.

IMG_7750 Groß

Clem, Leo, Harry, Joe, Steph, Robert, Birgit S. Feeling on top of it.

IMG_7773 Groß

Stephan loving his job. Clearly.

Going home.


Not bad. Not bad at all.




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